I am available for school, library, book club, writing group, and Skype visits.

Audiences: K-12, writing groups, book clubs, girl scout troops
Available Times: flexible





Programs for Kids and Teens:

Becoming an Author
Using photographs and stories, Carla will share her journey to becoming an author, how she gets ideas, and how her hobbies and interests have led to an exciting career. Children will learn how to use their own interests and talents creatively.

Creating Characters
Great books start with memorable characters. One of the most important jobs of a writer is to create a character that the reader knows and loves. Carla will lead students through hands-on exercises and analysis of sample text to demonstrate the techniques authors use to bring their characters to life.
The Writing Process
Carla will talk to students about the writing process and the steps to create a book, including outlining, first drafts, and the importance of revision.

Bringing Facts to Life
Nonfiction is cool—facts are everywhere! In this workshop, Carla will talk about where she gets ideas for nonfiction books and articles, the basics of research, organizing ideas, and getting it down on paper in an interesting way. She will talk about the steps she used to write her nonfiction books and will emphasize the importance of revision in writing.
Custom Presentations
Carla can also work with you to customize presentations.


Programs for Adults

Writing for the Educational Market – What It Is and How To Get Assignments

Blast Off to Writing for Kids - How to get started in the children's writing market

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