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I grew up loving books from an early age. Over and over, I asked my mother to read "another one" to me (Thanks Mom!) until I learned to read on my own. At that point, the worlds of Anne, Emily, Laura, Nancy, Trixie, Frodo and The Black became my own. I wrote my own stories and neighborhood plays and dreamed of becoming a writer.   




In college, however, things took a decidedly different path, when I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in accounting and finance. My writing took a backseat as I delved into a world of numbers and financial statements. During this time, I met my husband Tom and had three beautiful children.




Another twist of fate brought me back to writing. In 2006, my youngest was diagnosed with leukemia at 19 months old. As I spent time with him in the hospital and at doctors visits, I decided to start writing again. Since that time, I've discovered the world of writing for children.


Today, I have written over 70 books for children, focusing on topics in science, social studies, and current issues. I have a particular interest in projects that enable me to explore history, science, and how the world works. Looking for an author for your project? Contact me at carla@carlamooney.com!


So what about when I'm not reading or writing?


I'm also the Pittsburgh chapter director for Flashes of Hope. Flashes is a nonprofit organization that takes professional portraits of kids with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Check out these awesome photos taken of us by Pittsburgh photographer Marc Soracco.



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